Welcome to TimeTrek!

TimeTrek is a 13.7 km long hiking and biking route. The route starts from the Tuorla observatory in Kaarina and runs to the University of Turku main campus. It portrays the whole history of the Universe, the Earth and the biosphere. Every kilometer of the route corresponds to a billion years, and every meter to one million years in history. The most important events and turning points in history have been marked along the trail with brass plates.

The map, the plate texts and extra material can be found on this website. It is recommended to print out the map and the plate texts for the hike. Alternatively, the plate texts and extra material can be accessed directly through the timeline page with a mobile device. In the near future, you will also be able to access the plate texts via QR codes attached to the plates.

The trek is aimed at anyone interested in science. It is possible to hike the route from the beginning or as shorter walks, for example starting from the origin of Earth (4.6 km, from Biolaakso) or from the origin of multicellular life (1.5 km, from Kupittaa park). Different starting points can be accessed via local buses.


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