maaliskuu 2017

Summer course at Tuorla

TimeTrek association organises together with European Astrobiology Campus and University of Turku summer course ”The deep history of the Universe, the Earth and the biosphere” in August, at Tuorla. Course is aimed to students interested in Astrobiology, but registration is open also for others. Additional information can be found from

lokakuu 2016

Billion Years at Researchs’ Night

At reserchers’ night we guided two groups through billion years, from Kupittaa to the modern times at University. It was exciting to discuss how life, climate and earth are interacting with each others and

huhtikuu 2016

Are you interested in astrobiology, especially exoplanets?

EUROPLANET and the European Astrobiology Campus are organizing a summer school on August 2-12, 2016 for PhD students and amateur astronomers. M

maaliskuu 2016

Time Trek’s Social Media

Spring is on its way despite the inconsistent weather! New life will soon emerge from beneath the layers of snow both in nature, and at Time Trek’s administration!

Our new administration brings with it

kesäkuu 2015

How to comprehend the time scales of our world

Different natural sciences are teaching us what our world is like, and how it works. However it is rather difficult to comprehend how all the different scientific pieces fit together: Where our world comes

The aim of the trail

The trail is aimed for promoting public interest for science. It will also be used as a teaching tool for astrobiology. A “Time Trek” course, with guided trekking and additional reading of the “Time book”

Origin of the trail

Based on an original idea of Drs. Kirsi and Harry Lehto, the route was developed in 2011 as a joint project of about ten scientists, from different departments of the faculty of the mathematical and natura