The trail is aimed for promoting public interest for science. It will also be used as a teaching tool for astrobiology. A “Time Trek” course, with guided trekking and additional reading of the “Time book” is offered as part of the astrobiology curriculum at the University of Turku. This timeline concept is useful for teaching the continuum of all (i.e. cosmic, geological and biological) evolutionary processes helping us to place any past event or process into its historic context. Similar parallel ideas are found in the big history project of the University of California:

The timetrek thus provides a tool for development of a metahistoric view of all natural processes, particularly suitable for the astrobiology education. Feedback from the active use of timetrek will help towards its further development.

School classes are invited for outings along the trail, and a special workbook accompanying the trek is available to the students. Different tailored guided tours, covering different sections of the trek, e.g. the cosmic history (13.7 km), the history of the planet Earth (4.6 km), the history of the multi-cellular organisms (1500 meters), or the history of the biosphere since the Cambrian explosion (542 m) will be gradually developed for the schools.

The trail provides a ‘scientific scene’ for recreation or sporting events of any interested groups: It is a nice route for a Sunday walk for a family – for a recreational day-walk for a group of friends or associates. Or, even a route for running the 1/3, 2/3 or 3/3 ‘length of the universe’ marathon.